April 25, 2011

Back when I could send

Googled myself in a bout of sheer boredom during current vocational activities and happened upon my old account at The Crag that I used to track my ascents in Devils Lake, WI in college and later in Rumney, NH. While it says that my hardest ascent was a 5.10b in Devils Lake, I always felt that the DL ratings were deeply sandbagged. That said, my most memorable and satisfying (flash, thank you) was Venus Envy at Rumney. Yeah I know it's sport. Yeah I don't care. (Yeah I definitely know it's only a 5.10a, but I'm built like a hobbit. It was big for me.)

Travel Running

Got up this AM and took a pretty sweet run through downtown San Antonio, where I find myself for work pretty often. I usually get pretty annoyed with lugging heavy runners around, so finding these Nike Mayflys was really fortunate. They cost about 35 dollars and are supposedly designed to only go 1000km, but if you only use them for runs while you're on the road I'm sure they'll last months and months. Best part is, you don't need socks, really.

April 20, 2011

St. Didacus

Staying at a decent hotel here in the Gaslamp District. One of these days, I'll actually come to San Diego and it will be 80 and sunny.

April 15, 2011

(Gear) Hoarders

Been silent awhile as I've been slowly turning my closet into something that might violate the health code somehow. We're at about T-Minus two weeks until Yosemite and I've been frantically scrambling to get all the gear together. Let's have a look at the setup shall we?


Lowe Alpine Australis 70. I've had it probably for 10 years, and I love it because it's simple. A tube to put your stuff into. Nothing to break. And it's made of that old school cordura that just won't tear. It's very un-waterproof, but I use a trash compactor liner Outward Bound stylee.


Baselayer's gonna be a Patagucci capilene mid-zip and the bottoms are Wickers in a god-awful color (and a god-awful smell...I still haven't washed them from skiing. Shut up.)

Lorpen merinos. Sworn by. 

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