April 15, 2011

(Gear) Hoarders

Been silent awhile as I've been slowly turning my closet into something that might violate the health code somehow. We're at about T-Minus two weeks until Yosemite and I've been frantically scrambling to get all the gear together. Let's have a look at the setup shall we?


Lowe Alpine Australis 70. I've had it probably for 10 years, and I love it because it's simple. A tube to put your stuff into. Nothing to break. And it's made of that old school cordura that just won't tear. It's very un-waterproof, but I use a trash compactor liner Outward Bound stylee.


Baselayer's gonna be a Patagucci capilene mid-zip and the bottoms are Wickers in a god-awful color (and a god-awful smell...I still haven't washed them from skiing. Shut up.)

Lorpen merinos. Sworn by. 

More than you could ever want to see after the jump.  

Midlayer I'm still deciding on. I get pretty hot so it might not be necessary, but we're going to be pretty high up so...who knows. Regardless, it'll probably be some combination of these two options. That's an EMS mountainlight 20 in the background. Haven't tested it yet. Hopefully it doesn't suck. 

Patagonia R Series from quite a few years back. Snagged it from a buddy who managed the outlet store in Freeport. 

I know, the shorts aren't really "mid" but I'm using them.

Shell will be this Columbia Titanium do that I picked up for nothing at Alice's Wonderland. Which also happens to be where I bought my first climbing harness in...1998 maybe? Pants are some (thrifted!) TNF  zip-aways. They look so dumb on most people, myself included, but they serve a purpose.

Let's stroll over to the kitchen, shall we? We've got a Nice little stuff sack for all of it, and inside we've got a Snow Peak Ti pot, a Primus Omnifuel stove (HEAVY but I've had it for 7 years now and it's never, ever broken),  a set of spoon/forks, and mes epices (kosher salt, ground pepper, veg oil, olive oil. I'm a bit of a picky backcountry eater...). 

This is some brownie bowl creation that you're supposed to microwave, but it actually comes out delicious if you just boil it, full whack, in the pot. Weighs nothing. 
Shelter will be my trusty Marmot Titan. It's not great, but it's a hell of a lot better than the North Face piece of junk I had before. Though nothing will compare to the Kelty 2p backpacker I had a few years ago that got shredded by my car. Whoops. 

Trekking poles are Mountainsmith and they're heavy and they're shit, but they were 20 bucks. Suck one, Leki. 
And here's some brand whoring:

I didn't put in my filter. It's a Katadyn hiker, also rather old. Hopefully I don't get the giardia. I'm still contemplating whether to take my fly gear. Might splurge for one of those travel-y rods that pack down into like 10 pieces. Thoughts?

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  1. All that Lowe Alpine gear was the business. Good stuff.