January 21, 2012

Ridge: The Best Camp Cooking Blog You've Never Heard Of

Usually when I think of Japan and the outdoor/woodsy realm I tend to think too much of this type of bullshit:

But in reality, Japan has an amazing outdoor tradition and Japanese climbers have put up some pretty outrageous alpine ascents around the world.  They also make some of the sweetest outdoor gear via brands like Snow Peak and Evernew (who, by the way, make the BEST titanium pots money can buy). Taking full advantage of this is Yusuke Kurosawa, who throws together what look to be masterpiece-level camp meals (rum french toast!) and it looks like he gets out there, way out there, on the regular. While I can't read Japanese, his blog speaks for itself through amazing photos and definitely features some Japan-only camp cooking goodies that I wish I could track down over here. 

Definitely seems like the kind of dude I'd want to run into out there. 


  1. Cans of Sapporo will add some weight to your pack....I only do beer when boat camping in the Adirondacks and weight and ice not an issue. That french toast does look delicious!

  2. Agreed. Decided against the fight tonight. Hope your guy did well.