December 24, 2011

Long time UPDATE

Been awhile folks. Had to attend to some personal matters but now we're back. Going to be get back into the swing of it soon but here's a few to start things off.

*UPDATE* The blogger app for my phone apparently posts the lowest quality photos possible so apologies for those.

These are from the Rod and Gun club in Everglades City, which is pretty much the only civilization for miles once you get on Alligator Alley (Rt. 75) heading between the coasts in south Florida. It's a tacky little joint, but the fried gator and pictures of old movie stars on the wall make it worthwhile. You can't help getting the sense that it's one of those places that was really something else in it's heyday.

HINT: They are perennially out of t-shirts, but if you ask the waitresses really nicely, they'll run out to some secret stash and scare one up for you.

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