October 10, 2011

Salt Life

Tried my hand at saltwater fly fishing for the first time while I was down visiting my parents near Ft. Myers, FL. Unfortunately, I got skunked. However, a day on the water is better than a day inside, hands down. Followed it up with some beverages on the beach. Not a bad way to spend a Columbus Day.


  1. Sorry to hear the trip didn't pan...I'm thinking of a guide for my trip. I'm also bringing an Orvis depth charge line. Did Master Bait provide any fly recommendations?

  2. Nah they're more of a baitchucker place. I just thought the name was cheeky so I got a koozie. I'd say a guide is a great idea. It's not such an idiot-proof fishery as some other places and I got some fly recommendations from the shop in Naples, but they didn't work out. http://www.mangroveoutfitters.com/