August 31, 2011

Montana Part The First

We made plans to meet up at baggage claim at SeaTac. My buddy E was coming from India and I was coming from the wilds of...Virginia. We met up at baggage claim and after E berated the Lufthansa Lackeys for losing the one bag he actually needed (underpants, toothbrush, cuban cigars...) we were off. The plan was to drive dead east until we met up with some friends working in Spokane. Both of us were fighting exhaustion, his from a 12 hour time difference, mine from a RAGING hangover and a crying baby and a seat that didn't recline. I felt like we were on even footing...

Lake Coeur D'Alene

Koozies acquired.

Yes, I'll see you soon...

Huckleberries are a real thing out here. 

Visit Frosty in St. Regis, MT for all your huckleberry milkshake needs. 

As well as your buffalo bacon cheeseburger needs. 

Alright enough with the fucking huckleberries I get it.

Flyfishing is serious in MT.

...and then the neighbors made me do farming to "earn" my otherwise ironic belt buckle.

18 oz. of pure heaven, custom cut by the butcher practically next door

There was a little overflow, so I was lucky enough to have this view from my tent every AM.

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  1. Looks like a great trip, Brian. Glad to see the koozie collection continues to expand, and I'm digging that buckle. Maybe you ought to start going by "Kodiak". Hope y'all had a good Labor Day.