August 10, 2011

Hoyt's Cologne

I'm not sure of the history, and I'm not sure where exactly it's from, but I've heard a few old Navy guys talk about it from back in the day. I officially have a bit of an affinity for antiquated and obscure American fragrances and this certainly falls into that category. On the plus side, I'm pretty sure it's also used for voodoo rituals, and you can find it at many occult stores, which is where they most often carry the 3 oz. glass bottles rather than the smaller plastic ones. It also comes in a tiny 1.1 oz size for travel or for small, intimate voodoo rituals. Or something. I had a bunch of scotch earlier. It smells mostly of citrus overtones and some herbal, fresh undertones and is a definite summer-only scent, but at something like three bucks a bottle, just get some and have it on hand. Your girl will be surprised if nothing else. Great alternative to more expensive, snobby summer scents. Also, I'm pretty sure it's made in America but don't quote me.

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