June 21, 2011

Summit County, CO and Spring Skiing

Back from Colorado a week and a half now and I'm missing it already. After my epic stint bumming around San Antonio with new friends, I headed for the cooler climes of Summit County for some fishing and spring skiing. The fishing was terrible, probably because I'm a terrible fisherman, and as I don't care to remember getting skunked when I do, I didn't take any photos of it. What's below is Denver to Lake Dillon to Arapahoe Basin to Breckenridge to Vail to Denver. In 48 hours. In a RAV4, which might be the all time worst excuse for a 4WD vehicle of all time. Underpowered beyond belief. As you'll see below, I made sure I punished it accordingly by basically detonating the contents of all my luggage inside of it.

And we're off again

9000 ft. 

Mountain dinner. Mountain House Lasagna. Not terrible. 

A little postprandial reading before my day of not catching fish 

The view out my window

Mountain sunsets are better than any beach sunset in the world. 

Heatwave back home, frost on the windshield. Why don't I live here again?

Lifties know best. And so does 10Engines. 

Take that!

And that!


I love this sign at the top of Loveland Pass

A-Basin. First chair. Yeah yeah I know you're supposed to wait til later in the Spring. 


A beer at 11:00 at 11,000(ish). 

Bottom of the Cornice. Getting a little too soft. 

If only I could fit this in my pack...

Note the binding cupholder. Clutch. 

Knicks. Knacks. I love it all. 

Inflation's a bitch. 

Sleds and life mags. 

 An entire train car that'd been transformed into one of those Tibetan shops so prevalent in ski towns

It'd just been sold for $900

General Store, Frisco, CO

Bavarian affectation in Vail, CO. The most ridiculous place on earth. 

Coming soon: a single malt whiskey that I was far more psyched about, but I bought some Bourbon anyway. 

Passenger has a coke, driver has a BL. Like I said, Vail is ridiculous.


  1. Gray's is one of my favorite reads! I await each copy eagerly!
    Great photos

  2. "avalanche blasting using long range weaponry"... terrific. bourbon looks tasty. have a good fourth, amigo.