May 9, 2011

The Monterey/Clearing the Backlog

I just returned from a nearly three week road-stint both for work (San Diego/San Antonio) and pleasure (Yosemite/Sonoma) and have a few revelations to share with you before I dump the Yosemite mother-lode. First, since I've been spending so much time in San Antonio for work, we wound up taking yet another Amatourist suggestion and hit up The Monterey in Southtown. I rarely use superlatives when it comes to food since my stint in NYC has made me obnoxiously snobby about it, but I can honestly say that what they're doing there at The Monterey is magical. QED:

Pig Head Tornichon with favas and chilis

Bombshell Blonde, outta Conroe Texas

Grilled Hanger Steak with CHICKEN FRIED GRAVY (no, I know)

Shaved Squash, Country Ham, Farm Egg 

 Phoenix Double ESB, outta Blanco, TX

Sorry for the shitty pics. I didn't want to ruin the vibe by snapping away at my food with a flash camera. Big shoutout to Caitlin (Katelyn? K8lin?) for the food and beer recommendation. Will definitely be back in next time.

We also hit up Taco Haven, but I ate my food so damn fast that I didn't have time to snap any pictures. I will say that the Reggie's Weekend Special was damn good and kept me full all the way through 'til drinks that night. Strongly considering a recreational trip to SA just to eat.

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