May 13, 2011


I happen to be from the greatest state in this country, Maine. One of the thousands of reasons Maine is perfect (the coast, lobster, amazing, intelligent people.... current governor not included, but I digress) is whoopie pies.

And I like when people not from New England look at you with that puzzled look, "what pies?" They're delicious, messy and cute, all things I look for in a dessert. My mother recently gave us a mini whoopie pie maker, knowing that while my small NYC apartment doesn't have room for too many excess kitchen appliances I would be thrilled to have anything which I could associate with my home state.
So today I broke it out for the first time and debated over which kind to make. My personal favorite it pumpkin with cream cheese filling but I wouldn't dare to compete with my friend's mom who makes them the best. So I went traditional.

There was a bit too much shortening in the filling (whoopie pies are one dessert where you really can't substitute the crisco and maintain the true whoopie integrity), so I shall have to continue to experiment. But I was super pleased with the cuteness factor. Enjoy!

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