February 22, 2011

This is Fly

Flyfishing mags tend to fall into three categories: high-concept and stuffy with lots of early Fall black and whites of old men who spend small fortunes to fish the Deschutes or Madison, low-concept one-step-above-bait-chucking mags with lots of shots of dudes mindlessly flogging the water for Steelhead, and The Drake which is sort of its own thing with its own audience.

Along came This Is Fly, which is more of a hipster zine about flyfishing than anything else with playlists and art featuring artists even your cousin in art school hasn't even heard of. It's a real departure from the bucolic, wicker and tweed stuff you tend to see in this category.

With good photography, middling writing, and spotty editing, you get the sense that it's really someone's work of passion, so if you're expecting a polished publication, look elsewhere. But if you want a fun FF mag with nice pictures that you can read at work, get yourself an e-copy.

What's cool about it is that is has such an of-the-people feel while also remaining very highbrow in certain ways that it's easy to flip through. Oh yeah, it's also very free. Check it out right now.

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